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alaskan animal facts by millie parry

  1. Alaska has over 430 species of birds, the largest population of bald eagles in the nation;Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus scientific name ). These birds of prey are easily recognized in their adult years by the white feathers on their head. These feathers do not turn white however until the eagle is four or five years old. Adult Bald Eagles can reach up to 14 pounds in size and have a wingspan of 7 1/2 feet.
  2. Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus scientific name )  Males can grow as large as 1700 pounds and 10 feet in length and they are well adapted to their arctic home. In fact, due to the fact that polar bears spend much of their life on the sea ice, they are actually classified as marine mammals instead of terrestrial mammals. Their thick white fur allows them to stay warm and well camouflaged while hunting prey such as ringed seals.Polar Bear cubs will also stay with their mother for over two years.
  3. Wolves (Canis lupus scientific name ) Average wolf pack size is 6 or 7 animals. Wolves live in over 85% of Alaska in a wide variety of habitats. They range in color from black to almost white. They are highly social animals that live in packs with a strong hierarchy between members. The top position of that hierarchy is filled by the alpha male and alpha female of each pack, who are often the pack’s only breeding pair.
  4. Caribou (Rangifer tarandus scientific name ) These ungulates outnumber people in Alaska and have supported the subsistence lifestyles of native Alaskans for thousands of years. They live in lowland and alpine tundra and the northern forests of Alaska and are known for their large annual migrations.
  5. Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli dalli scientific name ) Dall Sheep are masters of the mountains and you’ll probably have to do some hiking to catch a glimpse of these animals. They generally inhabit high alpine meadows and ridges and spend most of the year divided into groups of males and groups of females with their young. Male sheep, or ‘rams’ have large curly horns that they will use to establish dominance among other males by butting horns with one another.
  6. Brown Bear (Ursus arctos scientific name ) Male coastal brown bears may weigh as much as 1500 lbs!These iconic creatures can be found throughout much of Alaska but variations in size, diet, and behavior have lead to distinctions between the bears living in different areas. Brown bears living in the interior of the state, which do not usually have access to streams full of spawning salmon, tend to be smaller in size and are commonly called ‘grizzlies’. In comparison, the ‘brown’ bears of the coastal regions of Alaska feed on large amounts of salmon each year and can grow much larger then the ‘grizzlies’ of the interior.
  7. Black Bear (Ursus americanus scientific name ) Black Bears have an excellent sense of smell! These bears can be found in most of Alaska’s forests and are usually much smaller than brown bears or polar bears. Despite their name however, black bears can occur in several colors and nicknames have arisen for the different colors observed including ‘cinnamon bears’ (light brown) and ‘glacier bears’ (bluish-white).
  8.  Moose (Alces alces scientific name ) Bull moose must regrow their large antlers each summer.Moose are the largest member of the deer family with some males growing as large as 1600 pounds. They can be found throughout most of Alaska’s mainland feeding on aspens and willows. Male moose or “bulls” grow large antlers each summer to be used in courtship displays. Males clash their antlers with other males for the right to mate.
  9. Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus scientific name ) These “rock goats” are the least studied large mammal in North America and this makes sense when you consider they can be found at elevations from sea level to above 10,000 feet in some of the most rugged and remote areas of the continent. In Alaska, the range of Mountain Goats extends from South east Alaska to the Wrangell mountain ranges of South central Alaska and a few islands where they have been introduced.
  10. Orca (Orcinus orca scientific name ) These easily recognizable marine mammals, commonly known as ‘killer whales’, are actually the largest member of the dolphin family. They can grow as large as 27 feet long and weigh as much as 13,000 pounds and that characteristic dorsal fin that you may be lucky enough to spot plying the waters of Alaska’s coast can reach a height of 6 feet in male Orcas.
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Alaskan animals homework

1. Some animals travel long distances, partly to find new food sources.  Caribou migrate over 3,000 miles each year.  If you travel to Alaska you will likely see some – there are more caribou than humans in Alaska!

2.To prepare for hibernation, black bears eat mainly blueberries to help build fat.  When they emerge from hibernation, black bears  eat almost anything.  For breakfast they prefer new shoots and other tender vegetation.  Then after breakfast they ramble through a daylight buffet that can include dead animals, newborn moose or deer fawns, insect larvae, bird eggs, and small mammals such as snowshoe hares.

3.When Arctic ground squirrels hibernate during winter, their body temperatures drop from 98.6° F to 26.4° F, which is the lowest known body temperature of any living mammal.  It’s even below freezing.

4.Did you know that coyotes can run as fast as 40 miles per hour, and travel up to 400 miles while stopping only occasionally?  Or that bison, which stand up to 6 feet tall and can weight over a ton, can run 35 miles per hour?

5.The awe-inspiring brown bear lives in the forests and mountains of northern North America, Europe, and Asia. It is the most widely distributed bear in the world.

6.The world’s largest brown bears are found in coastal British Columbia and Alaska, and on islands such as Kodiak.

7.An adult brown bear can weigh 1,300 pounds, but the cubs weigh less than one pound at birth. Cubs are born while their mothers hibernate so the best time to see them is in the summer.

8.The endangered polar bear is closely related to the brown bear. A pregnant polar bear digs a maternity den where cubs are born between November and February. You can see the families as they emerge from their dens in March and April.

9.There are many types of whales found in Alaskan waters including the orca The best time of year to see orca calves is in May.

10.Did you know that mother seals find their pups from among a group of pups through voice recognition? Pups can be born as late as July and are left at the breeding site while their mothers search for food.

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Alaskan animals

What kind of animals live in Alaska?
.Three species of bear  black, grizzly (also known as brown) and polar  are near the top of the list of Alaska’s large mammals.
.Red foxes will also eat just about anything, and will bury their food for future use. They will dig up and inspect their supply sometimes just to make sure it’s still okay. 
.There are two main polar bears populations in Alaska. The population is found off in the western part of alaska near the Wrandell island.
.Did you know that coyotes can run as fast as 40 miles per hour, and travel up to 400 miles while stopping only occasionally?
When Arctic ground squirrels hibernate during winter, their body temperatures drop from 98.6° F to 26.4° F, which is the lowest known body temperature of any living mammal.  It’s even below freezing.
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Worksop blogging challenge

Under the bridge far far away, there was a mysterious Halloween town ,and in that town there was a spooky Halloween party with ghost, pirates and more.

There was a girl called Emily,she was alone in the town her dad Frank told here  never  to go near the spooky town, but even worse she went to a creepy Halloween party…

What do you think with happen next?

She walked slowly towards the door she needed the toilet ,She  sprinted into the wrong room ,the wizard said “WHY ARE YOU IN MY ROOM?”sorry I didn’t mean to”, she stepped on to this pressure plate under the mat .She disappeared “ah ah ah ah” she screamed she found a note ,and it groaned drink this Elixer Life potion it will send you back to your normal life.So she was worried she had the potion in the glass bottle in her hand she drank it . She  saw  a red button she pressed it, she ran into the room the door  closed behind her  orttimaticly .The room was filled with 10000,00000 of  rattle snakes with a skull key at the end of the room which perfectly fitted in the dint in the door. She heared a noise saying “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”….

There was air fresheners they  were built into the mossy walls .Love  potion was spewing out of them  ortamaticly. She turned loving  and caring ,so what she did she picked up the the poisonous snakes ,and she she fell in the pool of snakes she found a key with circles on. She thought in here head “mmmmm” that key fits in that door way. So what happened she slowly slid the key into the door. And she transferred back to here normal life she had a boyfriend got married and had kids ….


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Worksop blogging challenge

One day on Halloween some skeleton came out and they started following you and you ran and ran and ran .But they just wouldn’t go away so he went into his house and rang his sister but she was also trick or treating .

and then she picked but she was being chased as well so he rang the police and they just didn’t move they carried on chasing her but the skeletons were smashing pumpkins and they didn’t stop even when the police were there so he ran outside and led them away into the woods .

but then a skeleton dog came out barking and then there was one exit but it took ages but there was a door and the key was in it was a ancient key it was called the pirate key … but the lock was very stiff so he tried his hardest and then there was a full bottle of snake oil he chouced it on the floor and the skeletons came and it burnet there feet but it did no harm to them they just kept on going and he ran and found his sister  then they ran home but got to the police  and hid behind them and the skeletons came and we went into there house .

and the police made a wall around it to stop the skeletons from coming into the house but they weren’t strong enough they got to the door and they started banging on it  but there mum and dad was not in they went out to a party so they ran outside and went to his best friends house and they ran and ran but they got surrounded by the skeletons … And then they SCREAMED !!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!! So there was one tiny gap between the skeletons so they ran and got out and ran so there mom and dad got in and then. They wondered we’re they are and why there is pumpkins smashed on the floor  hu wwwwhat has happened !!!!!!.

They are so dead so when they got home the mum and dad said “what’s this” they said skeletons were chasing us yeh right you two can clean this up now” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha “said the skeletons night night don’t let the skeletons bight .

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Worksop blogging challenge

One Halloween night me and miss ward 

whent trick or treating to get some delicious candy

and that night we were dressed up as clowns

and we sore a door wide open. in the kichen were tow regular

people sat down onthe kichen side with tow snakes in there

hands and we nearly forgot that we bort a potion and it was called elixir life potion and if you drank all of the potion you

will never die and they let the snacks go and they attacked us

but we weren’t scared at all  so we nocked on a crooked door

but that

time we were scared a old lady came to the crooked door and

she gasped come come inside for some delisheous  candy so we whent inside and found a key with a skull with tow swords

they whanted to nick it belonged to a thresure chest with coins

and jewulry like necklaces and bracelets but we needed

the dertry key and they nicked it and ran away from the old

man and old lady and she said get back her and give me

the Derty key back” I’ll get you back you little boy and little girl “

and the next day she found them and she grabbed the little

boy and the little girl saved me and we ran away from the old

women and we found some money £ 10 note and some more mouny on the grey path and that was £ 90 and that added up

to £100 pounds so we whent to the shops and Bort some candy

it was deliouse we sat down yum yu

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Workstop blogging challenge

It was halaween night and I found a creepy old mansion and I went to the door and nocked on it and for some reason the door opened on its own so they walked in and I looked around for some sweets and we found a secret mat and it opened a secret Door so we went to go down and there is the sweets are there lets go and get them.

oh no the door shut and there was a note on the ground and it said there is a key at the end of the maze and if you are lucky you will find a posion and it will keep you alive lets go then what is that it looks like a snake run its coming  we are at a dead end there is the position I need to drink it that didn’t taste nice but it will help now.

let’s run I fink I can see the end it is there so I went  out of the end of the maze and there was a nuther note so I read it and it told me to find a door… Then i found a trap  door and  I went froo it and it got me in a cage with dangerous animals that bit me but I thort to myself I had that posion and I was so happy I just laught at them trying to kill me then  they bit me so hard they broke the posion and it me  then someone killed  all of them and set me free but I could not move my leg and he gave me a bandige and put it around my leg it helped me up and I was still limping but I could still walk so I completed that challenge now this hast to be the last one but they was no more  and I found a treasure chest with a key next to it so I opened the chest and it was a lot sweets inside so put it all in the bag and went home but it was all a dream .

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My blogging chalenge entry

It was hollowen night ,but no one was out  side .

Timmy could make  out a eary figure, as the eary figure stept through the thick layer of fog he realised … it was the devel himself .

dave the devel zapped Timmy into a mastereous mase in the middle of nowhere .

Imedeant ly he saw a dragon but he had other things to worry about like the fact he was being chased by highly venomous snakes and spiders .

he runs like never before ,whilst he was running Timmy saw aout of the corner of his eye he seas snake oil . He climbed the soced vine and Indiana Jones stile swung to grasp the snake oil and eagerly pours the potion .

all of them die and now he hast to worry about spiders and taranchalas.

his next goal was to heal the Sicily dragon.

he spots a whole in the mase , with the blood inside.

Timmy had to face his fears and stick his hand into the dark abiss of spiders.

He found a key stuck loosely with glue on the bottle .

Timmy unlocks the bottle with the key.

he sprints across the snake graveyard and climbs the slippy droopy vine.

the dragon drinks the blood and pukes up a shiny clean key.

he flue the dragon to Dave the Devils face of doom.

Timmy saw a chest next to Dave and felt like it was calling him, he opened it with the kea that he got .

there was a note and a bottle ,of eternal life .

Timmy read the note it sead …

Dear brother if you are reading this it means you have successfully completed the maze and came out alive .

P.S  the devil is your brother

😔😍😔😍  Love from Dave

Dave where are you ?

then Timmy drunk the potion of eternal life.

THE      END



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Worksop blogging challenge

One night there was two twins and they went to go to scouts and then they were lost on FRIDAY THE13  and they descoverd there were a house in the middle of the forest so they went to find who lived there … when they knocked on the Moldea  mossy     door flue open as a creepy crucked noise coming from up stars so they went to check it out … they saw a dark shadow hanging from the cealling looking at them with a open jour …slavering blood and then fell through the floor bord …then POPED behind   them  and then the two twins jumped out there skin…HELPPPP!the ran to the other side of the glooooomy room to get away but there was no escaping suddenly…there was a narrow passageways lucey and Ben fell into the trapped door four minutes later as the lightning struck at midnight when there were a power cut…there were a flasher light at the end of the room so they walked towards the paten key  they took the key into the pocket and they went to a dark swamp they saw a love potion and a  pirate key…then out of no were a  oga and the sodiors tryed to stop lucey and Ben but they got there in the end…so they grabbed the balloon key and the snake oil.


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